Environment Policy

The prosperity and security of Washtechnix, together with everyone associated with the company, ultimately depends on its ability to provide Chemical Cleaning Solutions within an environmentally sound framework.

It is the policy of Washtechnix to:

  • Comply with all UK and EC environmental legislation

  • Minimise our consumption of resources such as energy and water

  • Ensure that all waste produced is, where possible, recycled or disposed of responsibly

  • Minimise environmental effects of raw materials sourcing by evaluating the probity of our supplies and encouraging our customers to select, where available, environmentally responsible materials

  • Ensure that we detect and where possible, prevent accidental spillages and emissions

  • Reduce the environmental effects by developing new products through strategic evaluation and planning

  • Advise our customers where appropriate on the best environmental practices for the use of and the recycling of materials associated with our products

  • Create environmental awareness amongst our staff by suitable information, instruction and training

  • Continually strive to improve our environmental performance

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