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Washtechnix Dishwashing Detergent

Washtechnix Dishwashing Detergent has been specially formulated to give dazzling results on all of your crockery and cutlery. With excellent stain removal properties to tackle even the toughest dried on food residues, as well as tea, coffee and lipstick, your tableware will look like new every time.

Washtechnix Machine Rinse Aid

Washtechnix Dish and Glass Washer Rinse Aid has been designed not only to offer superb drying, but also to eliminate the milky white water streaks so commonly found on machine washed cutlery and glass ware. This product is available in a variety of pack sizes for both auto and manual dosing.

Washtechnix Glasswashing Detergent

Washtechnix Glasswashing Detergent gives outstanding results whilst caring for your glassware. It has been formulated to provide outstanding wash results, including the removal of normally difficult stains such as tomato juice and lipstick.

Washtechnix Tray Washing Detergent

Washtechnix Tray Washing Detergent is ideal for washing not just trays but all of your aluminium kitchenware without the blacking caused when using standard dishwashing detergent. It will remove baked on carbonized stains leaving your trays and pots looking like new.

Washtechnix Dishwasher Powder

Washtechnix Dishwashing Powder is a high performance dishwashing powder for all machines where no auto- dosing is available. Giving brilliant wash results on all crockery and cutlery as well as providing essential disinfection against bacteria.

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